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How to Approach a Girl

Every guy has scratched his head wondering what the best way to approach a girl should be.

At the heart of the question "how to approach a girl" is really "how do I approach a girl and get what I want?".

What you want may be to get her phone number, ask her on a date, or try to seduce her and get laid.

Here's 5 tips on how to approach a girl:

How to Approach a Girl Tip #1:

Look for "low-threat environments". In other words, there are some contexts where her guard is up.

A guy comes toward her and she goes on the defensive. "Red alert, here comes the enemy!".

Bars and nightclubs are not low-threat environments. She's out with all her friends and they're all trying to protect each other.

Instead, try the bookshop, coffee shop, restaurant, grocery store, mall, and department store - she'll be alone and she won't be on "red alert".

How to Approach a Girl Tip #2:

Mitigate those approach jitters by emulating someone with a calm demeanor.

Rapid gestures, fast talking, and fast-moving facial expressions do not convey a calm demeanor and all of that is a turn-off for girls.

Emulation is not necessarily imitation - you're not trying to act exactly like someone who's calm, you're just emulating their calm demeanor and behaviors.

How to Approach a Girl Tip #3:

Forget about cheesy pick up lines. Sure, you could go ahead and use some funny way of starting a conversation, but what I'm suggesting here is that guys want to rely on pick up lines like a security blanket.

You're not a child and you don't need a security blanket.

You can introduce yourself naturally - "hi, my name is..." is a perfectly fine and natural way to approach a girl.

If she acts like a jerk you can either pursue her further assuming she just wants to see if you're serious, or you can move on - who wants to be with a jerk, anyway?

How to Approach a Girl Tip #4:

Get your ego out of the equation. There are 2 important reasons why:

First, you won't approach a girl in the first place if you're all wrapped up in your ego and worried about rejection.

Second, whatever happens, whether you are "successful" or not, don't let that get to your head or affect your ego or self- esteem.

No matter what the result is, don't take it personally.

How to Approach a Girl Tip #5:

A major aphrodisiac for women is high levels of confidence. Women love a confident man.

We're not talking arrogance or cockiness here, just pure confidence which is defined as "a sense of certainty about your identity or ability".

If you're not exuding confidence, she'll feel your nervousness, she'll feel uncomfortable, and she'll want to get away from you.

Guys obsess over how to approach a girl, but it's really not rocket science. Stop making excuses and start approaching some girls!

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