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Overcoming Shyness

When it comes to overcoming shyness and especially the topic of how to get a girl to like you, there's no shortage of advice out there.

But what really works in overcoming shyness?

Just as important, what are methods that are questionable (at best) with regards to exactly how to get a girl to like you?

Shy guys, this article is for you:

Overcoming Shyness - Tip #1:

"Acting like a jerk": we hate to sound wishy-washy, but this gets a thumbs up and a thumbs down from our team - here's why:

Acting like a jerk to women is not necessarily a great strategy in overcoming shyness - and we hate to say this, but... it does work when it comes to how to get a girl to like you.

Part of the problem with this strategy is that you have to seriously consider what kind of human being is okay with being treated like dirt - one with low self-esteem is the answer.

Even if she's super-hot looking, in the long term you'll curse the day you ever met her.

You probably won't take our advice, however, and you'll have to take your lumps and figure this out on your own.

Overcoming Shyness - Tip #2:

"Fake it till you make it": In reality, this is a terrific strategy in overcoming shyness - and before you click away, here's why:

Briefly - almost all of your current abilities and behaviors were learned from other people, and they integrate into your personality by a process of neural network connections, dendrites, and myelin formation.

Brain science aside, we prefer the term "emulate" because overcoming shyness by emulating confident people really, really works.

Overcoming Shyness - Tip #3:

"Mental visualization": okay, we're not talking about stupid ideas like wishing for confidence, or overcoming shyness by asking a "universal genie" to do it for you.

Just like in tip #2, you can set up new neural networks in your brain simply by using mental visualization.

Overcoming Shyness - Tip #4:

"Progressive conditioning": one of our favorite methods - if you combine this with emulation and mental visualization, you're really covering all the bases.

The real reason why progressive conditioning works in overcoming shyness is NOT because you become desensitized to your fear of rejection around women - it's because you have an undeniable experience that your fears, trepidation, and anxiety around women are nothing but an imaginary "monster under your bed".

Overcoming Shyness - Tip #5:

"Asking yourself better questions" - it's likely that you're asking yourself all the wrong questions, like: "I wonder if she'd be interested in someone like me" or other self-defeating, non-empowering questions.

Ask yourself better questions, such as:

"She's beautiful, but I wonder if she's really just a miserable bitch of a human being?"

"I wonder if she's good enough for me?"

"I wonder if she has the personality qualities that I would find desirable in a girlfriend?".

Summary: overcoming shyness is 100% possible for you, use these proven methods that really work. !

Discover for yourself "The Shy Guy's Road Map To Super Confidence With Women":

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