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Shy Guys - Don't Give Up Hope; Here's Why

I was a shy guy. If you're a shy guy, I know exactly how you feel.

Most people don't really know the pain and difficult of being a shy guy.

People who are outgoing and extraverted just don't understand; they think we should "just get over it".

If you're a shy guy, I'm saying don't give up hope because if someone as hopelessly shy and introverted as I was can get to the kind of confidence I have now, then so can you.

I was such a shy guy - and this is very embarrassing to admit but it's true - during the summertime I wore jackets because somehow (I guess) it made me feel more secure.

I was such a shy guy that if we went to a swimming pool or to the beach, I was too self conscious and nervous about what other people might think that I wouldn't even take my shirt off, even to go into the water.

And when it came to the opposite sex, I was as scared as a hamster at rattlesnake convention.

I remember at the end of the 8th grade on the last day of school, there was this pretty girl - Karen - who was saying she wanted to get together during the summer and go to the beach.

I can't even remember what stupid thing I said to turn her away, but I clearly remember kicking myself afterwards - and for years later - for not being able to take her up on her obvious advances and interest in me.

Again, if you're a shy guy, you can get on the road to having very, very high levels of confidence around women.

If I did it, so can you. Here's how:

The first essential ingredient is desire. Unless you're totally fed up and tired of kicking yourself for not being able to meet, approach, or talk to women, you're never going to do anything about it.

I was totally sick and tired and fed up with being a shy guy.

So I did something about it.

Even though took me a long time, you can learn from my mistakes and take the shortcut.

And that brings up the second essential ingredient: you need a strategy that has been proven to work.

I tried this and that and the other thing. I bought books, watched videos, tried all kinds of things and spent a lot of money and almost gave up.

In fact, at one point I remember clearly saying to myself that I was doomed to be shy guy forever, period.

But I was so sick of being a shy guy around women, I just had to keep trying.

Finally, I found a road map that worked, and I've never looked back. So can you: don't give up. If you're a shy guy, there's hope for you!

Discover for yourself "The Shy Guy's Road Map To Super Confidence With Women":

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