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What does this mean... well for me it means not having that gnawing feeling in my gut that stops me when I see a beautiful woman I really want to meet or date or seduce. It means being able to confidently walk up to any beautiful woman without being nervous.

It means that if there's one particular woman I have my eye on, I can meet her, date her, seduce her. It means being totally free from fear of rejection. It means being able to meet and date and seduce the kind of women that before I thought were "out of my league". It means not having to "settle" for whatever I can get. It means I'll never again just sit there wishing I had the guts to approach and talk to beautiful women.

These days I can actually meet so many beautiful women whenever I want to, I don't even have time to date them all. Dating a beautiful woman is much easier than most guys think it is...

Enough about me... why am I telling you this stuff? Because I am going to give you access to my secret system called "Super Confidence With Women". Until now I have never revealed my powerful strategies of how to meet, date and seduce beautiful women to the general public. When I first started meeting, dating and seducing the women of my dreams I even told myself I would never give away my secrets. However now I have decided to reveal my secret system for the first time ever to the public.

Meeting, Dating, & Seducing The Woman
You REALLY Want Is Much Easier Than Most Guys Think...

I was once where you are trying to figure out how to meet, date and seduce the kind of woman I really wanted - the kind of women that were so beautiful that I was intimidated by them - but I just didn't know where to start. So, I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on every type of "seduction" system out there. Funny thing is not one of them really worked for me. After much frustration, one day I came up with an idea to be able to meet and date or just seduce the kind of women I really wanted. After I started easily meeting really beautiful women with just one of my ideas, I put a few more of my ideas into place and started meeting more women than I had time to date.

The crazy thing is now I can meet more beautiful women in one month than I used to in an entire year. I can remember not too long ago when I was so shy I'd shake in my shoes just thinking about trying to approach a truly beautiful woman, much less try to date or seduce her. I hardly had enough nerve to look her in the eye. Life is so much different now that I am overflowing with cool, suave, confidence around women. I am going to share my secret system with you so you can start meeting and dating and even seducing the kind of beautiful women you really want, or just that one particular specific lady you really want to be with - and not have to just settle for whatever you can get.

If You're Serious About Getting Rid of What's Stopping You - And Want to Meet, Date & Seduce The Woman You Want - Then You Need to Read This...

I have discovered a proven system anyone can use. You don't need any special knowledge. You don't have to be good looking, and you don't have to be rich or famous. So what do you need? All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and you are on your way to being as popular with the ladies as you want. This system is unlike anything you have ever seen before. You now have the opportunity to start meeting, dating, hooking up and seducing that woman that previously you thought was beyond your reach.

With my system you will be able to do all that. I provide you with everything you need to be with the most beautiful women you can imagine. I will reveal to you my most powerful secrets for exuding the kind of suave, confident attitude that attracts women like bees to honey. Not only that, I will give you a step by step guide on how to get up and running right away so you can start immediately. For a limited time I am also going to give you a FREE special bonus. This bonus is what you need to find as many beautiful women as you can handle starting right now.

A few insiders who currently use my secret system have reported that they finally landed that one woman they were obsessing over for the longest time. My system is proven to work not only for me but also for the insiders who are currently using it. You can start seeing amazing results too, and all you have to do is get started today.

My Secret Confession...

First let me confess to you that I was never good with the ladies. I'm just an average guy who found a way to meet and date women easily, and what the true secret of seduction really is. I am now sharing my secret system with you. I grew up shy as hell - around the opposite sex I felt like a hamster at a rattlesnake convention. I knew this was not the way to live and there was a better life out there. So I set out to change myself, and I tried one "seduction system" after another and failed at everything I tried. Not to mention putting myself into debt from buying every seduction system I could find. I decided enough was enough. I gave up on ever being able to be "good with the ladies".

One day while I was home alone I came up with some ideas about how to easily meet women, what it would take to make dating simple and easy, and what the true underlying realities of "seduction" really were. I went out to to test my idea. It worked instantly, a beautiful woman gave me her phone number and was telling me I should call her to go on a date with her. I got so excited that I went out again the following day and another beautiful woman gave me her phone number, and said she'd like to meet for a date. I polished my system more that night at home, and went out the next day. I couldn't believe it: Another beautiful woman gave me her phone number. In three days I was doing better than I'd done in the last three years..

I was able to date - and using my system - seduce those beautiful women and I realized I had hit the jackpot. I was able to repeat my success, not every time, but my success rate was very high. And with girls that looked like a dream come true. I perfected my system. Keep in mind that I used to be as shy as hell. Some days I don't even do anything yet gorgeous girls seem to want to be around me and meet me. The best part is you can start using my secret system and start seeing amazing results right away too.

Why Are You Revealing This
Secret System to the Public?

Do you want to know what the number one question I receive is? I'll tell you... "David, why are you revealing this to the public?" People say "David if this system of meeting, dating and seducing women works so well, why don't you keep it a secret?" Well, for a while I did, I never told anyone what I was doing. When I started dating beautiful women like crazy all my friends and relatives started asking questions. At first I didn't tell anyone, then one day my best friend Ed came over and told me he was kind of depressed because he didn't have any woman in his life, and everything he was trying just wasn't working.

Now, I knew I could help him out in one of two ways. Number one I could just introduce him to some beautiful women, but that would not really solve his problem because he would still strike out on his own. Or number two I could show him my system of how to meet and date, and what seducing women was really all about. So for the first time ever I decided to share my secret system with someone. I showed Ed my system and just three weeks later Ed was calling me asking what he should do because he was dating more women than he knew how to handle.

Once I saw my confidence building system work for Ed I decided to help out my other close friends and show them how Ed and I were meeting and dating beautiful women. A month later I got a call from my friend Chris, he called to thank me for showing him my system. He told me how he'd finally been able to date and seduce a woman that he'd had his eye on for a long time but he thought she was beyond his reach and out of his league.

After I got off the phone with Chris I realized there are so many other guys out there who could use my system and so I decided to put my system in an easy to follow course and call it "Super Confidence with Women". When you purchase Super Confidence with Women you will get instant access to my secret step by step system. You will be able to have as much success with women as you can handle starting right away.

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Exude the Kind of Cool Confidence That Attracts Women Like Bees to Honey Meet, Date & Hook Up with as Many Women as You Can Handle
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Start being with the kind of beautiful women you've been drooling over. Or be with that one woman that before was out of your reach. Forget about whatever has stopped you up until now. Start being with a different beautiful girl whenever you want, if that's what you want. Or get that one specific girl you've been wanting all this time. Now that you have access to my secret system "Super Confidence with Women", you can be on your way to making your dreams come true. Kiss your old life good-bye and step into a brand new life filled with the kind of women you choose, or with that one woman you've been wanting. Ordinary guys just like you and me have already done it - Why not be the next guy to do that?

I hope you take advantage of my system as it has helped turned my life and the lives of plenty of other guys into the kind of life we used to only just dream about. I know it can do the same for you. As amazing as it may sound, you're about to discover just like we did how you can start being with the kind of women you fantasize about. You'll have my secret system and you can start meeting, dating and seducing the kind of beautiful woman you really want, as soon as you want!

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"This program was simple and I was never asked to do anything I felt inappropriate or out of line. As each day passed it seemed a little easier because my confidence was growing. It will truly help many other men that are just too shy to otherwise approach women."
Geoff T., age 28, Las Vegas NV

"This really works at building confidence and making it easy to approach any woman."
Bruce S., Tustin CA

Jeff K, age 21, Cleveland OH

"If you follow this program you really have no choice but to be more confident approaching women."
James K., age 38, Seattle WA

"Loved it! Just Genius... it's so simple but so effective. Thanks David, you're really helping guys out with this".
Dennis V., Las Vegas NV

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J.Winjen., Belgium

"It makes you think about what you need to do to succeed as opposed to only thinking about what could go wrong....... I met a nice woman who I probably would not have if I hadn't participated in the program, and I will continue to see her..."
Lee W., age 39, Philadelphia, PA

"I had always felt intimidated about walking up to women. I had my eye on one of my new neighbors, but I couldn't muster the courage to say more than 'hi'. After using your program I was able to ask her out without that nagging fear of rejection.
She's my girlfriend now, thanks!"
B.Walls., USA

"A very surprising and worthwhile experience that has changed the way women seem to me (less mysterious, more open), changed the way I feel about myself (more appreciative of what I have to offer women I might find desirable)"
Joseph B, age 45, Seattle WA

"If you've ever had problems meeting, approaching, talking to, or being with beautiful women... this is the book for you! David Portney has come up with the easiest and clearest ways to explain how to walk right through our fears. David gives us the tools we need to feel confident talking to any woman. "Super Confidence With Women" will guide you along your way to much success with women."
Keith Leon., Lawndale CA

"This book is, quite frankly, one of the best books a man can read. I say "a man" because the title states that it is for "shy guys", and I believe that ANY man who reads this book will gain insight into himself and how to relate to women on a more successful level. The main thrust of the book is to help a guy attain a level of confidence with women so that he can do the one thing that guarantees that he will be successful with women: approach women without the nagging fear of being rejected. This book masterfully guides you to this level of success and confidence and thoroughly explains WHY a man's confidence level is the way it is, how he can change it, and then delivers a plan to bring out the best in any man. Please note: This is not one of those 'how to score with the chicks" type books, nor is it a touchy-feely-find-your-inner-woman-so-you-can-relate type book. Frankly, I believe that reading this book will not only help you with meeting and engaging with women, but is ALL aspects of your life where confidence plays a key role: your job or career, socializing, even bargaining and haggling. Little by little, step by step, you are turned into a confident guy. If you're a shy guy looking to become confident, then get this book. No doubt about it. If you're already somewhat confident, then get this book as well because this will help you to see yourself in a new light. Yes, it really is that good of a book".
Tony M., Wilkes Barre, PA

"Loved it! I simply love the format. It starts off so easy, anyone can do it. And on a daily basis, increases difficulty very slightly - not enough to freak anyone out... the program accomplishes what it promised... just Genius. It's so simple but so effective, that by the time it's over - you'll completely surprise yourself as to how easy it becomes to talk to women. It starts off as baby steps. And with small, barely noticeable additions, you progress without any hesitation - it's that easy. By the end, you look back in amazement - because you didn't even know you had it in you! The confidence just becomes a part of you to the point you don't even notice - making you wonder why it (approaching women) was so difficult in the first place! Thanks David, great program - you're really helping people out with this one. Much Success!!!
Dennis V., age 35, Las Vegas NV

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I took "Super Confidence With Women" out of print, and copies of my book often sell used on Amazon for well over $100 and frankly even at that price it's worth every penny. But you probably won't find any used copies for sale since 99.9% of the guys who buy my book use it and keep it forever. If my secret confidence building system interests you, I urge you to get this book immediately! Don't wait even one day longer to start on the path to Super Confidence With Women.

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"If you've ever had problems meeting, approaching, talking to, or being with beautiful women... this is the book for you! David Portney has come up with the easiest and clearest ways to explain how to walk right through our fears. David gives us the tools we need to feel confident talking to any woman. "Super Confidence With Women" will guide you along your way to much success with women."
Keith Leon., Lawndale CA


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